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Q. Where were you born and raised?
A. Born in Waterloo Iowa. Raised in San Antonio Texas. Birmingham since High School.

Q. As a child, how would you describe yourself?
A. Growing up I would describe myself as: Weird, creative, loner AND class clown, energetic, cynical.

Q. What did you want to be when you grew up?
A. A stuntman or Steve Irwin (the Crocodile Hunter)

Q. What activities were you most involved with as a kid?
A. Outdoors(tons), Xtreme Sportz, Soccer, TV/Video Games, Music

Q. What life lessons did you learn growing up that helped shape you into the person you are today?
A. Humans are flawed and frail. Only the love of Jesus Christ is capable of making us more than sinful sacks of dust. Actions have consequences (still learning that one everyday). Work is a requirement for any worthwhile goal. Happiness is a decision.

Q. What was your first job like?
A. My first job (which I held for 3 years) was at a pet shop. My friends would come in and play with the animals and stare at the fish and say: "your job is the easiest and best job ever!" They failed to see the huge stacks of 50lb dogfood bags that had to be unloaded and sorted. Also, the poop. Can't ignore the poop.

Q. At what moment did you realize that you wanted to go into radio?
A. I really think God wants me to be in radio. He keeps putting me in incredible situations where doors are opened that I could never hope to open on my own. I've been so blessed to have jobs in radio, where I get to be creative, working with people I love, doing work I enjoy. But to answer the question: I got involved at WEGL (Auburn University's Campus Station) and immediately loved it. I went on to become WEGL Station Manager. I will never forget that incredible part of my life and the friendships I made at that station.

Q. When The Rick and Bubba Show first began, did you ever imagine that it would become what it is today?
A. By the time I moved from San Antonio to Birmingham, Rick & Bubba had already become the GIANTS of radio that they are today. I am so happy to be a part of the Rick & Bubba Universe that the guys have worked so hard to create. Although, the guys will be the first to admit that having God on your side doesn't hurt!

Q. What are some of your favorite memories you have from the show?
A. My internship is filled with great memories from getting my nickname to getting beat up by Mighty Mouse on the air. Since I joined to staff, it seems like everyday is a day to remember. Meeting the guests, cracking jokes with the staff. If I can make Rick or Bubba laugh, that definitely goes into the memory bank. So does Speedy crashing to the ground during the 40 yd dash.

Q. What are some things in life you can't live without?
A. iPhone and iPhone Charger. My iPhone has it all: Guitar Tuner, Flashlight, Email, BIBLE, Web Browser, Map, Newspaper, Alarm Clock...

Q. How do you want to be remembered?
A. Wow. Tough question. I want to be remembered as a Godly, loving, husband and father that cared about others more than himself. Q. If you could give anyone one piece of advice, what would it be? A. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. You very rarely know the whole story. Bring something to the table. Positivity is Essential. Don't skim the last question.