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OCTOBER 14TH, 2015

Woodlawn Movie Tickets - Click Here 

"Woodlawn" Official Trailer - Click Here

Blake Burgess - Twitter Instagram

Steve Spurrier ESPN Conversation - Click Here

Steve Spurrier Press Conference - Click Here 

Democratic Debate Winners & Losers - Click Here 

Doctors Find Cancer While Treating Shark Attack Victim - Click Here 

Cubs Put Away Cards, Head To NLCS - Click Here 

Was 'Back To The Future II' Right About Cubs? Click Here 

Billy The Kid Photo Was Purchased For $2 In Junk Shop, Could Sell For $5M - Click Here 

NBA, Reality TV Star Lamar Odom Found Unconscious In Nevada Brothel - Click Here

Tom Brady Calls Coca-Cola ‘Poison,’ Takes Swipe At Frosted Flakes - Click Here