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JUNE 30TH, 2015

Obama To Propose Expanding Overtime For Millions - Click Here 

Escaped Killers Were Trying To Get To Mexico - Click Here

Man In Wheelchair Robs Bank In New York, Makes Getaway - Click Here

FBI Setting Up Command Centers To Monitor Terrorist Threats Over July 4 Weekend - Click Here

Burger Chain Adds Bugs To The Menu...On Purpose - Click Here

Joel Osteen Heckeled, 6 Arrested - Click Here 

1,000 People Possibly Sickened By Fecal Matter In French Mud Run - Click Here

Mom Says She Lost Sight In One Eye Just 12 Hours After Mud Run - Click Here

India's Next Weapon Against Climate Change? The Heat-Tolerant Dwarf Cow - Click Here

Forbes Unveils List Of 100 Highest-Earning Celebs In 2015 - Click Here

NBC Cuts Ties With Donald Trump - Click Here