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JUNE 26TH, 2015

"Faith Of Our Fathers" Movie Information - Click Here 

"Faith Of Our Fathers" - Trailer  World Premiere

Kevin Downes - Click Here 

Black Veteran, A 'Son Of The South,' Defends The Confederate Flag - Click Here

Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage Nationwide - Click Here

Supreme Court Rules To Uphold Subsidies - Click Here 

Scalia Leads Scathing Dissent On Obamacare - Click Here 

State Department Can’t Locate 15 Hilary Clinton Emails - Click Here 

Social Security Paid 47 Million To The Dead - Click Here 

Peyton Manning's Heartfelt Letter - Click Here 

Obama Heckler Feels Betrayed By LGBT - Click Here 

NBA Draft Results - Click Here 

Apple Removes Games With Confederate Flag After Cook Vows To Eradicate Symbols Feeding Racism - Click Here 

Saved By The Bell's Star 'Screech' Going To Jail - Click Here 

Warren Sapp Charged With Domestic Violence - Click Here 

Accused NY Prison Guard Admits Giving Inmates Tools, Denies Knowing Of Escape Plan - Click Here 

Couple Flees 1.3 Million Dream Home After Creepy Letters - Click Here 

Adults Lie To Dentist About Flossing - Click Here 

3rd Floridian To Die Of Bacterial Seawater - Click Here 

At 70 Woman Finds Out She Is White - Click Here 

Half Of Doctors Constantly Play Mobile Games At Work - Click Here