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JULY 7TH, 2015

Seminoles Dismiss QB De'Andre Johnson After Video Of Altercation Surfaces - Click Here

Bill Cosby Admitted To Getting Drugs To Use On Women For Sex - Click Here

Donald Trump Says Some Of His Comments About Mexico Distorted - Click Here

Sakari Momoi, The World's Oldest Man, Dies In Japan Aged 112 - Click Here

Man Sent Somersaulting Through The Air By Rampaging Bull - Click Here

Suspect Tells TV Station He Killed San Francisco Woman - Click Here

US Animal Researcher Trampled To Death By Elephant - Click Here

Maps Reveal How EVs Can Be Worse For The Environment - Click Here  

'Balloon Man' Soars In Lawn Chair, Lands Himself In Jail - Click Here

Bear Picks Up Rock, Smashes It Against Glass In Enclosure At Minnesota Zoo - Click Here