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JULY 24TH, 2015

Rick Santorum - Click Here

Donald Trump's Border Visit - Click Here 

Gunman Opens Fire In Lafayette, La. Theater - Click Here

Colin Cowherd Gives Classy Explanation Of His Breakup With ESPN - Click Here

Colin Cowherd's Comments On Dominicans - Click Here

Will Football Players Someday Take a Concussion Pill? - Click Here

Naked Tree Huggers Mount Eucalyptus Trees - Click Here  

Boy George: ‘This Is The World I Was Fighting For In 1984’ - Click Here

Japanese Batter's Insane Pre-Ball Routine - Click Here

Connecticut Dems Strip Jefferson, Jackson Names From Fundraising Dinner - Click Here

Six Flags Bans Selfie Stick - Click Here

Braxton Miller's Move To WR Is Perfect For NFL Future - Click Here