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AUGUST 13TH, 2015

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Rand Paul - Click Here 

Rand Paul: "Telling It Like It Is" - Click Here

Trump Responds To Rand Paul's Negative Ad - Click Here

The Real Greg Burgess Featured In Upcoming Movie 'Tangled Web' (Watch) - Click Here

Movie "Tangled Web" - Click Here 

Steve Spurrier Flips Script, Says The Opposite Of What Coaches Usually Do - Click Here

Three More Women Accuse Bill Cosby Of Sexual Assault - Click Here

20 Traditional Skills That Are Dying Out In A World Of Technology - Click Here

Man Sues ‘Throwed Rolls’ Restaurant After He Was Hit, Injured By Roll - Click Here

Bumble Bee To Pay $6 Million Over Employee Cooked In Tuna Oven - Click Here

Hillary Clinton’s E-mail Server Turned Over To FBI - Click Here

How Democratic Presidential Hopeful Bernie Sanders Is Attracting Tens Of Thousands To His Rallies - Click Here

Jimmy Carter, Former US President, Reveals He Has Cancer - Click Here

Parents Credit Willie Nelson With Saving Their 4-Year-Old - Click Here