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APRIL 14TH, 2015

My Life As A Turkey - Click Here

Pentagon Deploys ‘May I Kiss You?’ Training - Click Here

First Female NFL Official Sarah Thomas Drew the Line At No Makeup On The Field - Click Here

At 65, She Has 13 Children In Ages From 9 - 44, But Now, She's Pregnant With Quadruplets - Click Here

JJ Watt 61-Inch Box Jump - Click Here

Marco Rubio On Key Issues Of 2016 Campaign - Click Here 

Clinton's Press Office Left Embarrassing Typo In Press Announcement, "Fought Children And Families All Her Career' - Click Here

Shade Of Urine Can Reveal Everything From Cancer To Kidney Trouble - Click Here

Chess Grandmaster Accused Of Using iPhone To Cheat During International Tournament - Click Here

Deion Sanders Publicly Scolds Son On Twitter: ‘Stop The Hood Stuff’ - Click Here 

Ex-NFL Running Back Lawrence Phillips Suspected Of Killing Prison Cellmate - Click Here 

No Verdict On Day 5 Of Deliberations In Aaron Hernandez Case - Click Here

Runner Learns Painful Lesson In Celebrating Too Early, Loses Race - Click Here

Jillian Michaels Files $10 Million Claim Against Lionsgate - Click Here

South Georgia Man Shoots Armadillo, Sending Bullet On Zigzag Path Into Mother-In-Law's Back - Click Here