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Dr Dudney's Fix Momma's Mouth Contest


Dr. Thomas E. Dudney, who can be heard on Rick and Bubba's Tooth Talk, and his wonderful staff are giving away a Mother's Day Makeover. The makeover will include 10 upper veneers, lower bleaching, cleaning and x-rays, a value worth $17,000.00.

Contestant 1's Story

Hi, My name is Lyla. As a daughter, I do believe every mother is deserving of the best. Most mothers deserve a medal for balancing their education and careers on top of raising a child, but I couldn't imagine as a mother, my child being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer after delivering my first grandchild. Watching your mom fight through the trials of being a single parent, to also see the grief in her eyes hearing my sister being diagnosed. Considering an infant in the mix, it was a very scary time. My mom remained resilient. She put her life to the side to help, while my sister started her chemo treatments. My sister became very ill and couldn't get out of bed most days but, my mom remained strong. After being a single mom for so long she met her now fiance'. Just when you think the smoke is clearing. He later was diagnosed with cancer in its early stages, followed by her dad being diagnosed with terminal cancer. It has been what felt like one battle after the other. Seeing my mom face so much grief in her years. Just trying her best to hold herself together for my grandfather, step-dad, siblings, and me. It has been so scary for our family. I hope, the good Lord willing, my mom's graciousness will be noticed. So with all of that, not to say my mom isn't entitled to a medal, my mom is so much more deserving. She is a warrior for all she has sacrificed so much for me and my 3 siblings, therefore neglecting herself in many ways. As an example, many nights as a kid, I watched as she went without eating so I could. Always wondered why, but as I got older I was able to understand her more. I couldn't imagine how she felt as a single mom of 4 children looking at me. Now that I am able to understand, It's now my turn to take care of her. She always made sure we had everything we needed and I wanna do the same in return. We're not exactly the most fortunate, but I'm currently trying to put myself through school to better my future. As a result of that, I am unemployed. She puts all of our money into my education. So this Mothers Day, I really want to give her a long lasting reason to smile again. A gift of appreciation for all she has done for everyone around her. After all, she is a blessing. I pray she will receive this marvelous miracle. Thanks so much for allowing these moms an opportunity at feeling beautiful again. - Lyla White

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Contestant 2's Story

Linda McIntosh is the best mother, wife, and Nana to our family. When she was young, medication discolored her teeth. I know this had to be upsetting as a child but she has lived her life with so much joy. My mother is beautiful inside and out but I would love for her to experience a smile she has always dreamed of. She is such a kind and encouraging mom to my brother and me. She loves her daughter and son in law and always goes above and beyond with her grandkids. She is the best Nana and is so creative, gentle, intentional, and loving with the sweet activities and memories she shares with her three grandkids. She radiates love and support to all those she comes in contact with. She is such an inspiration to me and Iā€™m so thankful to God that she is my mom. This would be such a blessing to her and I would appreciate her being considered.

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Contestant 3's Story

My name is Kaitlynn Locke and I am entering Jennifer Hoffman, my mother. I am entering her because she does SO much for me and my little family and she deserves this so so much. She pours any free time she has into helping me with my two small children. Whether it be at the ball field or my house, she is ALWAYS helping us out in any way she can. Financially, she isn't able to afford a "new smile". She works a full-time job, Monday through Friday, and has been with the company she works at for almost 10 years. Every dime she makes goes to her bills that she is soley responsible for due to being a single "grandma"šŸ˜œ (she'd stroke if she knew I called her that. She prefers Nene.) and having a one person household income. Thank you so much for this opportunity and fingers crossed my best girl wins it.ā™„ļø

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