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Dr. Thomas E. Dudney, who can be heard on Rick and Bubba's Tooth Talk, and his wonderful staff are giving away a Mother's Day Makeover. The makeover will include top veneers on upper teeth, lower bleaching, cleaning and x-rays - a value worth $16,000.00.

Contestant 1's Story

My mom has always put herself last in every scenario. She makes sure my brother and I are taken care in every way. She supports us and loves us unconditionally. My Dad passed away right after my brother graduated high school. She has worked hard to keep things together. She has taught us that no matter what God will provide for us and to be thankful for everything we have. She has always smiled but is embarrassed by her teeth because she did not have a lot growing up and her teeth or uneven, dark in some areas and light in others. She had to get two teeth pulled because they had gotten infected and she could not afford to get anything else done. This caused her teeth to shift some. I would love to see a beautiful, even and bright smile on her face that she can be proud of.  Thank you for your consideration

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Contestant 2's Story

My mom (Kathy Christian Kennedy) needs a new smile because she has given so much of herself – her career, her time, her health – to make sure I have the support system needed to continue to fight my chronic illness. When I had a brain bleed in 2014, my mom retired from her teaching job that she loved to spend over a month with me in UAB hospital and to help me on the long road afterwards. Since then, as my health issues have taken over much of my life, this woman has dedicated herself to making sure I not only survive but live. Her faith in Jesus, her steady presence, bubbling laughter, unwavering love, wise counsel, and unyielding support has kept me going. She has shown me that true love means to serve and sacrifice. From her sleeping on the floor of my room on the Cystic Fibrosis Floor at UAB to her singing country music at the top of her lungs to make me laugh, she loves with a sacrificial love. This woman has been my absolute rock. With her support, I am now able to live out one of my dreams of attending UAB to earn my degree. She deserves to smile and feel absolutely beautiful. I would genuinely appreciate y’all considering her for this. Thank you for everything you do!

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Contestant 3's Story

Hey Rick, Bubba and Dudney Team!  My name is Katie Huie. My husband and I are listeners of your show. Every year when this contest comes around I think to enter my sweet mama and this year I’m doing it! She is in need of a mouth makeover and by golly does she deserve it. Her name is Brenda Cowan, she is a cashier at Walmart in Oneonta and loved by everyone that comes through her line. A new smile would be the greatest gift I could give her this Mother’s Day. She is such a hard worker…working 2 jobs when I was a child and putting her girls first every time. It was like pulling teeth (No pun intended) to get these pictures because she hardly smiles in photos or is in photos at all. Her teeth are discolored since childhood from scarlet fever. She is dedicated to getting on top of her health this year and a pretty smile would just be the icing on the cake. Thank you so much for you time and consideration. God Bless.

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