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Dr Dudney's Fix Momma's Mouth Contest

Dr. Thomas E. Dudney, who can be heard on Rick and Bubba's Tooth Talk, and his wonderful staff are giving away a Mother's Day Makeover. The makeover will include top veneers on upper teeth, lower bleaching, cleaning and x-rays - a value worth $17,000.00.

Contestant 1's Story

Hello! Thank you for the opportunity to enter my precious mom into the Fix Momma's Mouth contest.

My mom, Joy Ellis, is the epitome of a servant. She works full time, takes care of her elderly dad, her two mentally disabled siblings while also visiting her mom every single day in the nursing home. The only reason my granny is in the nursing home is because she cannot walk or move herself.

Mom and Dad have worked hard their entire lives and have given their time and money to others instead of themselves. They still have to scrimp and save every penny to make ends meet. I can remember a handful of times that they actually had dental insurance and that was only for my sisters and me when we were young because they couldn't afford it for themselves. When Mom was a small child, she had double pneumonia. She was on very strong antibiotics (multiple rounds of it), had to be put in an oxygen tent and in the hospital for weeks. Of course, this was in the 60s so the doctors did not realize the permanent damage that would be done to Mom's teeth from the antibiotics. Her permanent teeth came in with a blue tint to them that has not been able to be removed by home remedies. They also frail. Earlier this year (two days before her birthday!) Mom had to go to the dentist for tooth pain. She ended up having the tooth pulled and cannot afford a bridge. She tries extra hard to care for her teeth even though she doesn't like the way they look. She's an avid brusher twice a day, flosses and uses mouth! Still her teeth just don't get any better.Mom is very self-conscious about her smile… therefore, she doesn't smile much. She has always wanted white, straight teeth. Please help build my precious momma's confidence, make her feel the beauty that is her, increase her health and fix her mouth!

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Contestant 2's Story

I am writing this to enter my mama in the Dr. Dudney's Fix Momma's Mouth Contest. When I heard about this opportunity, I ran. I can't possibly write in words how much my mama means to me and why she deserves this, but I'm going to try without writing a book. My name is Angel, and I'm the daughter of the most beautiful, selfless woman named Helen Gilmore. She raised my sister and I alone, and she often worked 3 jobs to give us everything we needed and a lot of what we wanted; A life she didn't have growing up. She now continues to show her selflessness as she is the caregiver of my nephew who has special needs. Bryson a.k.a. Bubba, will be 10 years old on May 13th. Bryson has Cerebral Palsy along with other brain abnormalities. He doesn't walk or talk, and he is legally blind. He has a feeding tube due to swallowing issues. He had a major hip and leg surgery last year due to having hip dysplasia and tight tendons/muscles. My mama has raised Bryson his entire life, and she has done so with so much love and willingness. My mama is a faith-filled woman, and she is highly optimistic and determined. She rarely complains, and she does whatever it takes to give Bryson a full life. She worked at a hospital for 14 years while Bryson attended a Day Center run by nurses. She quit her job in 2021 to come home and take care of him when she felt his care needed more one on one attention. She now works from home to be more flexible and able to work around his needs; however, she lost her health and dental benefits upon leaving her job. She's continually researching and finding ways to make Bryson's life better. If there's a piece of equipment that he needs but insurance won't pay, she's going to find a way for him to have it. Did I mention she's also a fabulous writer? She shares his story (A Voice For Bryson on Facebook) to advocate for special needs children and parents. Being a caregiver comes with daily challenges. Bryson's getting bigger every day, and the load gets heavy at times, both figuratively speaking and physically. I know God has a plan for their lives, and I see how He provides and works daily. Bryson is one of the happiest little boys, and my mom is the biggest part in that. Now, let's talk about why my mama needs a mouth makeover. My mom was in a terrible car accident when I was a year old, 29 years ago. I was in the car, and she was pregnant with my sister; we were both fine. A young guy driving a Mustang going approximately 100 mph hit her car from behind. The impact knocked her car down the road a ways and up a tree. Her face hit the steering wheel, and she severely damaged 4 of her front teeth. A piece of one tooth was actually lodged into the steering wheel, and the other 3 were pushed up into her gums. I don't know much about dental work, but they put 4 caps on her teeth after having to use wires to reposition the damaged teeth. She has had those same caps since the wreck, and she deals with tooth pain often. I think her smile is absolutely beautiful, but it's something she's been self conscious about for all this time. Please consider my sweet mama for this contest. She has given so much, and I'd give anything to see her receive such a life-changing blessing. Thank you for this opportunity!

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Contestant 3's Story

Hello Rick, Bubba, Dr. Dudney, and the entire staff of both companies involved in “Dr. Dudney’s, Fix Momma’s Mouth contest,” my name is Cooper Self. I am entering my wonderful mother into this contest not because of what it will do for her life but because of how deserving she is of this amazing gift. When I first heard of this contest on the show, I was convinced that I have the “momma” that needs this make over. I quickly jumped on the Rick and Bubba website to gain knowledge of the information needed to submit her application. Seeing the registration details I began to think how in a short email I could describe the amazing person my mother truly is and I know for a fact this email will not do so. My mother is most deserving of this award because of her servant heart and willingness to please others. She spends her days working to help my father provide for my sister and I, while leading bible study groups, and working actively in our home church’s youth program. She is bold, courageous, careful, and patient. She goes above and beyond to ensure my sister and I live a life worthy of calling, as well as a life in which we have more than we need and deserve. Winning this award would not only allow her to be confident in her smile, but also reward her for the hard work she performs so willingly each day not for herself but others. Thank you for this opportunity to show my mother some love because she truly deserves every single inch of it!

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